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Online Learning Explained 2023/2024

Online Learning Explained 2023/2024

Online Learning Explained


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Online Learning Explained 2023/2024


Online learning is just one type of “distance learning”.

Distance education has been used for many years by students and is done via technology such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Classroom, Zoom, Webinars etc. The use of these technologies gives educators greater flexibility than ever before in how they teach while giving learners access to more information then ever before.

Distance learning is great for students who wish to study remotely at their college or university, and for those seeking an alternative form of education.

The most common form of distance education involves correspondence courses which are designed so students can learn from materials provided by an instructor who may be located anywhere in the world while they remain based locally (for example: South Africa).

There are many benefits associated with this new way of educating people including increased access and flexibility in scheduling classes; reduced costs due to no need for physical space; enhanced ability for teachers to teach outside their borders (such as through virtual classrooms); more time spent on teaching activities compared with preparing lessons or grading papers; less stress related health issues caused by long hours commuting between campuses.

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