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The Future Is Not Bleak After Failing Matric 2022

2022 Applications for the The Future Is Not Bleak After Failing Matric? StatusApplications are Open 2022

The Future Is Not Bleak After Failing Matric


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2022 Applications for the The Future Is Not Bleak After Failing Matric? StatusApplications are Open  2022

The Education Minister announced matric results last week, and not every matriculant managed to pass in the class of 2021. If you have failed or you’re not happy with your matric results, it’s not the end of the world.

The matric class of 2021 had it rough for the past two years of learning. If you are not part of the 76.4% of matriculants who managed to pass in the class of 2021, there are options available for you.

Firstly, you have the option to rewrite your matric, if this is for you then the department of education has the Second chance programme.

On the Department of Basic Education website, institutions that offer the second chance programme are listed.

Should you need your matric results to be re-marked, re-checked and re-viewed, the deadline is the 4th of February 2022.

For registrations and resources, click here.

Various institutions of higher learning also have bridging courses should you need to improve your results for the desired course.

To apply for a bridging course, go to an official website of an institution of higher learning that you are interested in, to get a list of bridging courses that the institution offers.

SETA also has a list of opportunities for the youth, as a way of them getting skills through training programs and/or learnerships in different sectors.

Work-based programs, such as learnerships, will not just be a foot in the door into the sector that you much sought but you will also be in the position to financially sustain yourself with a monthly stipend whilst gaining a skill.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you might be one of the matriculants that feel like you need to take a gap year as this pandemic affected your mental health.

This is an option for you to acquire educational and experiential experience, including finding out what it is that interests you and giving you ample time to thoroughly plan for your future.

In an ENCA live interview, Deonita Damons from Boston City Campus shared:

The South African Qualifications Authority also has available on their website a range of career counselors and guidance that learners can go into and find out if they can assist them in terms of structuring their CV and what the future skills needs will be in the profession that they are interested in.

Damons also mentioned that technical, mechanical, and digital skills are going to be the required skills of the future, so you might want to focus on gaining those skills and adding them to their cv.


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