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Where To Find Law Bursaries 2022

2022 Applications for the Where To Find Law Bursaries Applications are Open 2022

Where To Find Law Bursaries


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2022 Applications for the Where To Find Law Bursaries Applications are Open  2022


Law is a diverse career field, with careers ranging from advocacy to attorney at law. As such, law bursaries can be very general as they accommodate a range of potential career options. The following are just a few of many law bursaries available in South Africa:

  • Allan Gray Orbis Fellowship Bursary – Founded in 2005, the fund caters its efforts towards providing university-level funding to students and supporting their entrepreneurial pursuits. This fund may also expect students to complete non-course related projects for the Fellowship which cater more to the students’ entrepreneurial minds.
  • Brand South Africa – Founded in 2002, the company aims to elevate South African travel and tourism efforts by creating a South Africa that is effectively marketable. They aim to elevate the South African brand by supporting the country’s future through bursaries that cater to the youth. Among other things, they fund Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) law degree students.
  • Calvin and Family Group – Since 2005, the black-owned and youth-owned organisation has put their efforts towards creating opportunities for black people within the country. Law is one of several career degrees that they fund.
  • Department of Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) Eastern Cape Bursary – With aims to grow the economy from within the Eastern Cape province, this fund supports a number of qualifications, especially those that have to do with Economics and Environmental pursuits. The law degrees supported are as such: BCom Economics and Law, and Bachelor of Science (BSc) Environmental Law.
  • Imperial Stellenbosch University Bursary – This fund is a collaboration between Imperial and Stellenbosch University to address issues as they relate to climate change, healthcare, etc. This fund is a Postgraduate opportunity and caters to Masters, and Doctoral law degrees.
  • LegalWise bursary – Started by the legal aid company, LegalWise, this bursary offers financial and mentorship support for students in a number of qualifications, including the following law qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (BA) Law, BCom Law and a Bachelor of Law (LLB).

These are just a few of the law bursary options that are available for students in the country. More of these bursaries can be found by clicking here.


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