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How To Choose Study Options 2023/2024

How To Choose Study Options 2023/2024

How To Choose Study Options


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How To Choose Study Options  2022

Matric results are due to be published in a few weeks, and you may be curious as to what options are out there in terms of career pursuits.

Dr Carla Enslin from the Independent Institute of Education’s Vega says that being passionate about what you do professionally is very important.

Your passion has to be there, it is how you are going to find yourself forever curious about what it is that you do. It’s your source of ingenuity, it’s your source of doing things differently.

She adds that in order to be knowledgeable about lucrative careers, one may have to track the Future of Jobs Report that is published by the World Economic Forum on a frequent basis and take into consideration skills that may be valued five to ten years from now.

For those looking to further their studies, she suggests that learners should pursue a programme that engages them with real world such as problem-solving, as well as ones that enable them to use their critical thinking abilities.

Learners can also spend time with people that know their cognitive abilities and the school subjects that they prefer to engage with on a regular basis.

She also encourages learners to frequently visit higher learning institution websites, where they share the relevant information on the subjects of the programmes that they offer.


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