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Universities Now Open For 2022 Applications 2022

2022 Applications for the Universities Now Open For 2022 Applications? StatusApplications are Open 2022

Universities Now Open For 2022 Applications


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2022 Applications for the Universities Now Open For 2022 Applications? StatusApplications are Open  2022

As we warm up to the year, it’s important to keep track of which Universities will be opening their applications so that you don’t miss your chance to study in 2022. Here are the Universities whose applications are open for 2022.

As we are now at the beginning of the 2022 academic year and Matric results were just released, Matriculants will be scrambling for a place to study. Luckily for them, some Universities have late applications.

These matriculants might have missed the application periods or achieved results better than they expected and realised that they have a chance to study.

Here are the Universities who have late applications for 2022 open.

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

If you are still eager to pursue a qualification at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, CPUT will soon open their 2022 late applications for programmes with available spaces on 14 February.

All late applications must be submitted online except for the few Non-degree programmes identiifed. These online late applications will be free of charge.

CPUT has set out certain criteria for the students they are allowing to apply late. To find out more about who is allowed to apply, click here.

University of Johannesburg

Late applications for the 2022 academic year are now open at the University of Johannesburg. If you haven’t got a place to study yet, you should take this opportunity.

This late applications period will close on 27 January at 9AM. No walk-ins will be allowed.

Click here to find out more about UJ’s late applications.

University of Mpumalanga

The University of Mpumalanga (UMP), situated in Mbombela, has been an active university in South Africa for just under 10 years now. The university has recently announced that there still remains some space for registration for a few qualifications.

To see which UMP courses have late applications open, click here.

University of Fort Hare

Calling all students who wish to study for a business degree. The University of Fort Hare is still accepting late applications, so do not miss this opportunity to reach your goals.

The University of Fort Hare has announced that the Faculty of Management and Commerce is still accepting late applications to study for a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

Click here to find out more about how to apply for UFH late applications.

Central Applications Clearing House

If you were not given a space at College or University when you applied, you still have a chance to get into University or College by using the Central Applications Clearing House, also known as CACH.

Through CASH, you can receive career advice, referral to other opportunities such as being referred to other universities, T-vet college opportunities, artisan development opportunities and other possibilities.


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